Mummy's Raspberry Fresh Mocktail

Mummy's Raspberry Fresh Mocktail is a fabulously delicious, alcohol free, version of our classic Raspberry Fresh Cocktail.

The flavours in this fruity mocktail reflect the flavours in the original alcoholic cocktail, first dreamed up in York in 2012. Fresh raspberries are combined with apples and lemon to create a sweet and smooth long drink that will be a pleasure to drink.

The ingredients for our Mummy's Raspberry Fresh Mocktail can be bought easily by choosing our Mummy's Raspberry Fresh Mocktail Gift Set. This would make a great Mother's Day gift idea or birthday gift for anyone who enjoys grown up alcohol  free drinks. 



We think if this is for a Mother on Mother's Day, despite being an alcohol free mocktail it should be presented in a stylish martini glass. Start by pureeing a handful of washed, fresh raspberries.

Then add a tbl of the puree to a cocktail shaker along with the cordials, apple juice and some ice. Strain into a chilled martini glass until 3/4 full, add a dash of tonic and garnish with a few whole raspberries for effect.

The result should be a beautifully red coloured frothy mocktail which is irresistible when tasted. We hope is makes Mummy happy!

Mummy's Raspberry Fresh Mocktail Gift Set

Anything else I should know?

To purchase the ingredients for our Mummy's Raspberry Fresh Mocktail, please either choose our Mummy's Raspberry Fresh Mocktail Gift Set, or purchase the individual handmade cordials.

If you enjoy experimenting with cocktails, then please also try our Raspberry Fresh Cocktail as an alcoholic alternative.

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