Mothering Sunday
10th March 2024

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Fri 8th March - 6.30pm to 8pm

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My Wife and I founded Demijohn in 2004 in Edinburgh's Old Town as the World’s first Liquid Deli. It started as an eco-friendly family business and still is very much that.

How it works. Start by choosing your favourite food and drink product from our range. When your Demijohn bottle is empty use our Refill Service to refill it and save money.

Mother's Day Tipple (3 x Goccia 100ml) Sloe Gin (500ml) Mother's Day Ginger & Gin Warmer Butterscotch Cream Liqueur 17% (350ml Nocturne bottle) Easter Gift Box

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February is a month for inviting friends over for a drink or supper

Drinks for "Wet February" Supper party recipes


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