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Tasting events at Glenlair Steading


We regularly organise Tastings & Events at Demijohn both internally, within our Glenlair Steading Store, and externally for either private events to run The Demijohn Cocktail Bar, or larger corporate functions.

Tastings are good fun and better still, represent excellent value for group activities.

Our internal events can be broken down into two styles, a Tasting Evening, for groups of between 5 and 20 persons, or our Tasting for Two or Tasting for Four events which are designed as a shorter tasting for smaller groups of 2 or 4.

Tastings can all be purchased as Tasting Gift Vouchers and can make excellent Christmas gifts or birthday gifts for adventurous foodies.

Internal Events

  • Tastings for Two or Four The Tasting for Two or Tasting for Four Gift Vouchers entitle a group of adults to indulge themselves in a personal tasting at our Glenlair Steading store. The tasting will be hosted by an experienced member of our Demijohn Staff and runs for a minimum of 30 minutes during normal opening hours. Included in the cost is a shopping voucher for spending in the premises on the day of the tasting, (£10 for a Tasting for Two and £20 for a Tasting for Four). Hosted tastings are a relaxed and fun way to spend part of a day in Galloway. These Gift Vouchers will appeal to foodies who would like to know more about what they eat and drink, as well as providing a fascinating insight in Demijohn's award winning and unique product range. Buy a Tasting Gift Voucher.
  • Tasting Evening Our standard Tasting Evening is run for groups of between 5 and 20 persons on a weekday, normally starting at 6.30pm in our Glenlair Steading store. The actual date and start times are subject to diary availability and early booking is advisable. The evening would start with a drink while your group gathers, followed by a short introduction and a behind the scenes talk about Demijohn. We then launch into a fully hosted tasting of virtually the complete Demijohn product range, unlocking the magic behind some of the most fascinating food and drink products available in Britain today. This part can be tailored to suit a groups particular focus on either food or alcohol. The evening finishes with an opportunity for guests to purchase goods using a £5 voucher which is included in the cost. A Corporate Gift selection can be ordered prior to the event and distributed at the end of the evening if required, please ask at time of booking. On occasion groups have incorporated dinner in a local restaurant to follow the tasting evening, as part of their evenings entertainment. If this is the case please let us know your plans in advance so that we can ensure timings are made to fit a table booking.
    • School of Taste Our School of Taste event is a new style of tasting evening for groups of 5 or more and will run on a weeknight between 6.30pm and 8pm. At each event we will demonstrate how to make some of our unique cocktails and recipes using our many delicious and quirky food and drink products, and focus on a particular ingredient, such as Rum, Olive Oil or Gin. School of Taste events will loosely take the format of an interactive workshop, where guests will be involved with the creation of at least 4 recipes. These might be some of our existing cocktails or food recipes, or something completely new. During the evening, there will be the opportunity to try our new creations and the potential for guests to help us discover new recipes and possibly even become famous! This event will appeal to food and drink lovers who are keen and inquisitive to learn more, especially those who like the idea of experimenting with their drinks to make new cocktails or food ingredients to make new recipes. The event will be relaxed and should be a lot of fun.

External Events

    • The Demijohn Cocktail Bar: If you are planning a private event, such as a wedding or big birthday party, you can book our Events Team to come and run our Cocktail Bar, where ever you are. Availability and prices are available on application. Please contact us for more details and a quick quote.
    • Bespoke Tastings: Demijohn also offers bespoke tasting evenings for similar or larger groups to that of our standard Tasting Evening, that are external to our Demijohn premises. This can add something special and uniquely memorable into an already planned corporate event, or we can help plan an evenings entertainment for you from scratch. There is no limit to the numbers that can be entertained and the evening can be tailored to reflect other events or activities to be held on the evening. An external tasting evening might include providing pre or post dinner drinks, a short talk about Demijohn by Angus Ferguson and a limited tasting of around 5 to 8 products for guests in attendance. A personalized Corporate Gifts selection can be created and shopping orders can be arranged to be taken at the event to be delivered subsequently.
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      Prices and How to Book a Tasting Event

      • Tasting for Two or Four This is normally purchased as a Gift Voucher online, costing £50 for a Tasting for Two or £90 for a Tasting for Four. Once payment is received a e-Gift Voucher for the tasting will then be sent to you by email. However, it can also be purchased by contacting us directly if the tasting is to be conducted at short notice or you are not able to order online. Once your voucher is ordered, a date for the tasting should be booked by contacting us at least a week in advance of the required date. The tasting can be run on any day our premises are open during our normal hours of opening. Tasting dates and start times are subject to availability, but we will always try to satisfy your first choice.
      • Tasting Evening A hosted Tasting Evening within our Demijohn premises would normally cost £20 inc VAT per person for a minimum group of 5 persons. For groups of 10 or more we allow the organiser to participate for free, the equivalent of a £20 discount. Your booking should be made online by purchasing a Tasting Evening Gift Voucher for the required number of guests. An adjustment can be made during the tasting for actual guest numbers if necessary. Tasting Evenings are run only on weekdays between 5.30pm and 7pm. Tasting dates are subject to diary availability, but we will always try to satisfy your first choice.
      • School of Taste School of Taste events are normally organised on an adhoc basis with a mixed group of guests, and cost £40 per person for a ticket, which includes a £10 shopping voucher redeemable against purchases made on the night. A hosted School of Taste evening can also be arranged for private groups of 5 persons or more.
        • External Events Prices for an external event will vary depending on the level of service required and is therefore normally offered on application. Our standard package for a minimum group of 20 persons will cost £25 ex VAT per person for example. Additional expenses for travel and other activities during the event may need to be levied.
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          How do I make a booking?

          Tasting Evenings, Tasting for Two and Tasting for Four events should be booked initially online via our Tasting Evening Gift Vouchers page.

          To make a booking for The Demijohn Cocktail Bar and other bepoke events or discuss available dates and the format of an event you are planning please contact us.

          In addition to some basic details about your proposed event, please provide your name and a contact telephone number so that we can follow up your enquiry as quickly as possible.