Picking our Products

Team Demijohn heads for the hedgerows once a year to pick sloe

It is rare to find shops closing for a whole day voluntarily, but we at Demijohn do just that.

To ensure we have some of our bestselling products such as Elderflower Vinegar and Sloe Gin 25% on our shelves in plentiful supply, we head to the hedgerows twice a year and literally pick our own products.

We are always looking for volunteers, so if you would like to get involved then please contact us and we will try and rope you in!

Hunt for the elusive Elderflower

In late June each year the whole Demijohn team closes the shops and heads out to pick elderflowers for our delicious Elderflower Vinegar. Mrs Sinclair, the creator of this fabulous vinegar, originally struggled to pick enough elderflowers on her own to keep up with demand created by our customers.

We now normally pick for a day in West Yorkshire and a second day in central Scotland. Temperature will have a large impact on when the flowers are ready and also their abundance.

Despite considerable effort, we have only ever been able to pick enough to at least to partially satisfy an ever growing demand. You can read more about how and why we pick elderflower in our blog A Short Story of Elderflower Picking.

Elderflower picking the easy way!

Why Elderflower Vinegar?

Elderflower Vinegar is a rare creation and epitomises the fresh, sweet smell of summer. Its delicate flavour is similar to the traditional elderflower cordial but is sharper and more exciting to taste.

It can either be used as a stunning dressing for salads – good enough on its own or mixed with extra virgin olive oil – or it can be used as a cordial – mix one third vinegar with two thirds sparkling mineral water for a dramatic de-stress drink after a hard day.

Watch us in Action!

To give you a better idea of what it is all about, here are two short films of Team Demijohn in action, picking both Sloe and Elderflower.