Recipe and Cocktail Ideas

Angus with our Boozy Chocolate Truffles!

Do you class yourself as an adventurous foodie? Then this is the section for you. You can view all our latest food recipes and cocktails recipes on our blog pages. We will be continually adding new recipe and cocktail ideas to these pages to allow you to experiment with our fantastic products in your own kitchens. Not only will it be fun, but you might really surprise your friends with your new found talents!

A reward for your creative ideas!

There is no limit to how many recipes and cocktails can be created. So if you have a marvellous idea, please contact us to share it with us. If it is good enough, we will post it up on our website credited to you.

The Highland Fuze Cocktail

We are currently offering a reward of a £30 Demijohn Gift Voucher for every new recipe or coctail we publish. The rules are simple, it must use one or more of our Demijohn products as part of its ingredients and be published by us, of course!

How long it takes before you are famous will be all down to your cunning, so get those creative juices flowing!