Cocktail Gift Sets

    With these Cocktail Gift Sets you can easily make and enjoy delicious and unique Demijohn cocktails.

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    With these Cocktail Gift Sets you can easily make and enjoy delicious and unique Demijohn cocktails.

    Many of us who enjoy an occasional alcoholic drink can agree that cocktails can provide pleasurable variety. The different combinations of alcohol and mixers can completely transform a drink giving it a more enjoyable property. There are endless possibilities for cocktail ideas, there are, of course, the traditional cocktails such as Margarita, Cuba libre, Gin and tonic or even a Pornstar Martini. However, even though there are traditional recipes for those cocktails many recipes add their own twist to make a unique cocktail.

    History of Cocktails

    The history of cocktails is a debated subject. The first mention of cocktails as a mixed alcoholic drink is mentioned in 1806 In Hudson, New York. Around that time cocktail ingredients traditionally included spirits, sugar, water, and bitters. However, this definition evolved throughout time to include the addition of a liqueur and other fruits to create more innovative drinks. Cocktails continued to gain popularity throughout the 1900s. This was especially true during American prohibition when beer and wine were less available, cocktails became more popular due to spirits being more accessible in speakeasies, that’s where the term cocktail party originates from. By the 1960s cocktail drinks had seen a decline in popularity. However, by the mid-2000s the cocktail culture has become mainstream again with the rise of the mixology style which mixes traditional cocktails with other novel ingredients.

    Cocktail Gift Set

    Types of cocktails

    There are an endless number of cocktails that we can list such as margarita, Moscow mule or even mojito. However, showing which alcohol is used for which cocktail might be an easier way to illustrate the complexity of the mixology world.

    Gin cocktail ideas

    I think we can all agree that gin is one of the most popular alcohols used for cocktails, the complex flavours work incredibly well when added with other components. Some of the most popular gin cocktails include Martini, Gin and tonic or even Gin Fizz.

    Vodka cocktail ideas:

    Despite being distilled several times to reduce the harsh flavours it became one of the most popular spirits to mix. Many cocktail recipes use the virtually flavourless properties of vodka to enhance flavours of the mixers, some of the popular vodka cocktails include, Bloody Mary, Sex on the Beach, white/black Russian and even espresso Martini.

    Rum cocktail ideas

    Rum is an interesting drink, it either makes you feel like a pirate, or it gives you the feeling of being on a tropical holiday. This is probably why many cocktail recipes reflect this idea. For example, Cuba Libre, Pina colada or even Mojito.

    Brandy cocktail ideas:

    Brandy is sometimes thought of as a more distinguished type of drink which is not often associated with cocktails. However, there are many different cocktail recipes that utilize brandy as a base. Some examples include, French connection, Brandy Alexander, Pisco Sour or even Singapore Sling.

    Beer cocktail ideas

    Beer, the German national drink. It might appear a little strange to use beer as a base for a cocktail. However, there are some very interesting cocktails that are popular in certain regions of the world such as Michelada which is popular in Mexico, U-Boot popular in Germany or Black and Tan popular in Ireland.

    Tequila cocktail ideas

    Tequila, a spirit distilled from the agave plant, most associated with Mexico but popular worldwide. Some of the most popular cocktails using tequila include, Margarita, Long Island iced tea, Tequila Sunrise or even Paloma.

    Whisky cocktail ideas

    Whisky can take many forms, depending on the age and cask used whisky can have a very unique flavour palate. Therefore, many cocktail recipes include the type of whisky they used to replicate the best result. Some of the most popular whisky cocktails are Manhattan, Irish Coffee, Old Fashioned, Whiskey Sour or even Rusty Nail.

    Wine cocktail ideas

    Perhaps not as popular as the other forms of cocktails, wine is still surprisingly useful when it comes to cocktails. Mulled wine can be described as a cocktail, the same can be said for sangria.

    Cocktail Kit Gift

    Cocktail Kit

    Creating cocktails can be very simple or complex depending on which cocktail you are trying to create. To make the job easier there are some specialised tools to help with making cocktails.


    A Jigger is a very useful measuring tool. This measuring tool ensures you use the same amount of liquid for each cocktail for consistency.


    As the name suggests the shaker is used to shake things inside to combine them together.


    This useful tool allows for smooth cocktails without the undesirable bits of fruit or flavouring getting in your teeth. Simply place it over the glass and it will catch all the nasty bits.

    Bar Spoon

    A bar spoon is a long metal spoon with a spiral handle. It is a great tool to mix your drinks with. Also, the spiral design allows drinks to be poured over it, layering the liquids inside the glass.


    A muddler is used to process herbs into a paste without bruising them. Bruising herbs can release undesirable flavours.


    What better way to introduce flavours than with fresh fruit juice. The juicer is the perfect tool for the job as it allows for a quick and easy way of extracting those juices.

    Cocktail Gift Box


    Concluding thoughts

    Making cocktails can be great fun. Regardless of your experience level, cocktails are a great opportunity to impress your friends at a dinner party by creating delicious and unique drinks that will be greatly appreciated around the table.

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