Morello Fizz

Morello Fizz Cocktail

Our Morello Fizz Cocktail is designed an an easy, fun cocktail to get your party started! It combines our uniquely delicious Morello Cherry Brandy Liqueur simply with fizz.



Add the measure of Morello Cherry Brandy Liqueur to a Champagne flute glass and top up with Champagne or sparkling wine. Add a single Morello Cherry from our Morello Cherries in Apple Eau de Vie for great visual effect and watch your party lift off as your guests eventually eat the Morello Cherry in their glass!

Anything else I should know?

If you are looking for present inspiration then consider our Midsummer Muddle Cocktail Gift Set, or our Damson and Morello gift set, perfect for those who like their Champagne cocktails as both our Damson Gin Liqueur and Morello Cherry Brandy Liqueur can be used to make delicious Kirs.

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