The Gin Gin Mule - with a Gooseberry Twist

The Gin Gin Mule - with a Gooseberry Twist Cocktail

A Gin Gin Mule or London Mule is the latest symbolic addition to the Demijohn HQ menagerie. In the absence of any recent furry or feathery arrivals we have taken advantage of the almost Caribbean sunshine recently (we get excited by the sun around here) to pep up the spirits with a little Ginger and whip up our own version of the London Mule Cocktail. This variation on a Moscow Mule uses Gin (hence the London and the first gin) and ginger (the second gin) for a bit of health giving Caribbean spice and twists the tongue into a Gin Gin Mule.

The Gin Gin Mule was originally created by cocktail queen Audrey Saunders in 2004, and is most commonly associated with the world famous Pegu club in New York, however it was born while she was at Bemelmans Bar, also in New York. It is often referred to as a Moscow Mule, but with Gin, a London Mule or one part Gin Buck with one part Mojito. What ever you call it, is a very refreshing cocktail full of zing.

Gooseberry Gin Gin Mule Ingredients

The Gin Gin Mule Cocktail Set

Since summer is a time of fruitful abundance we thought we would try this using our Gooseberry Gin. Gooseberries add a wonderful sharp tang to the flavours and are complemented successfully by the ginger flavour. The restorative powers of ginger are well known and include clearing the sinuses, reducing inflammation, settling the digestion and even (snigger) reducing wind! Paired with a little muddled mint this drink is a wonderfully refreshing answer to a hectic summer's day.

The first gooseberries, I have learnt, should be eaten around Whitsun (now more commonly celebrated as the May bank holiday). As that is only a few days past and our gooseberry bushes are looking distinctly unfruitful this early in the season I can delight in the preserving powers of alcohol to keep last year's harvest in such deliciously flavourful form as in our Gooseberry Gin Liqueur.

It's sadly rare to find gooseberries in any of the shops. With the season lasting only about a month and the fruit delicate to store, larger shops are reluctant to risk stocking them. As a result they have become an increasingly forgotten fruit. Apparently the numbers of varieties grown commercially has shrunk to a single handful and other than the obligatory fool or crumble few people know what to do with them. Thankfully our Gooseberry Gin Liqueur lives on and adds fun and variety to the styles in which to enjoy this extraordinary looking fruit.

London Mule Ingredients

The original recipe calls for Ginger beer, whereas ours has Ginger Ale. What’s the difference you ask. Well ginger ale is made from ginger with carbonated water and ginger beer is a fermented brew. Maybe I’ll make my own ginger beer when I have more time, but until then ginger ale is a good substitution and still packs a gingery punch.

So here is our own play on Saunder's refreshing variation on the Moscow Mule. Ours uses mint to make it a little more refreshing and ginger ale for a lighter, fresher taste than the classic Vodka Cocktail. With the addition of Lime Vodka instead of fresh lime juice, it could be said that our take on the London Mule moves it back towards Russia and should maybe be called a London Moscow Mule.

Our Gooseberry Gin Gin Mule Cocktail Recipe

  • Add 2 measures of Demijohn's Gooseberry Gin Liqueur and 1 measure of Lime Vodka Liqueur to a cocktail shaker with plenty of ice and a generous handful of mint.
  • Shake until thoroughly cooled and the mint well muddled.
  • Strain into a Collins glass with plenty more ice.
  • Top up the glass with Ginger Ale.
  • Add a fresh sprig of mint and serve!

Now I am suitably refreshed it might just be time to start the search for the next animal acquisition – Anyone have a spare mule looking for a home?

A London Moscow Mule

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