4 Ways to Refill and Save

Refill your empty glass bottle at our Glenlair Steading Store

Did you know that you can refill your empty Demjiohn glass bottles?

Refilling your empty bottles makes huge sense. Firstly, refilling an empty Demijohn bottle will save between £2.90 and £12.80 on the cost of new glass bottle.

Secondly, by reusing your glass bottle you save on the environmental impact of having to produce a new bottle, which would involve large amounts of energy. The cost of this to the climate cannot be overstated.

Our refill Concession Store at Craigies Farm Shop, Edinburgh

How to Refill & Save

Our ability to refill your bottles gets easier and easier every day. We currently have 4 mains ways to refill.

  1. Demijohn Mail Order Refill Service. Send us your empty bottles with details of your order and we will return them to you. Please read our Mail Order Refill Guide to learn more.
  2. In-Store at Glenlair Steading. Come and visit our main outlet at Glenlair Steading, situated in a beautiful part of South West Scotland, where you can taste all of our products first hand.
  3. At a Concession Store. Our Concession Stores are located within some of the best farm shops and delis in the UK and are increasing in number. They hold a smaller number of Demijohn food and drink products than our Glenlair Steading Store, however they can be more geographically convenient.
  4. At an Event. Our Fairs and Events Team is out about regularly travelling the length and breadth of the UK with our mobile liquid deli and cocktail bar. To find out where we will be next please look at our Fairs and Events page and sign up to our e-newsletters for a timely reminder of when to wash out your bottles before a refill!

 Demijohn glass bottles are both beautiful and refillable

The Brilliance of Glass

We have always considered glass to be a wonderous material for many reasons, each of which makes it unique and valuable.

Firstly, a Demijohn glass bottle is 100% recyclable without any loss of quality. Recycled glass, often referred to as cullet, can be melted down and used to make new glass products.

If our bottles cannot be refilled and reused, this sustainability factor makes glass a hugely environmentally friendly material.

We can refill your bottles because glass is very easy for us to clean and does not retain odours or flavours. This makes it an excellent choice for them to be used for our Demijohn food and drink containers which require strict hygiene standards.

We love the beauty of our glass bottles, and we have many different shapes and sizes as a result. Some of our bottles even stack or appear to hug!

All glass has a natural beauty and can be enhanced with various techniques such as etching, staining, and engraving. We label each bottle with our own handwriting, and can also add a free personal message at the same time. Our glass bottles are often used in art, architecture, and interior design to create stunning visual effects.


Beautiful and refillable stacking glass bottles

One of the most remarkable properties of glass is its transparency. Glass allows light to pass through it, making it ideal for windows, eyeglasses, lenses, and countless optical and display applications. Its transparency provides a clear view of the surroundings and enables the manipulation of light for artistic and practical purposes.

New and recycled glass can be moulded, blown, and shaped into a wide range of forms and sizes. This versatility allows for the creation of intricate and decorative glass art, as well as functional objects such as bottles, containers, and laboratory equipment.

Glass is a highly durable material that resists corrosion and chemical reactions. It is also resistant to UV radiation and does not degrade over time. This durability makes it suitable for long-lasting applications such as our refillable glass bottles, and of course it used in other commercial situations such as architecture and construction.

You may have realised yourself that glass is a poor conductor of heat, making it an effective material for insulating windows and doors. Double-glazed or insulated glass units can help regulate indoor temperatures, reduce energy consumption, and improve comfort in buildings.

It does not end here, glass is chemically inert and does not react with most substances. This property makes it suitable for laboratory glassware, pharmaceutical containers, and food storage, as it does not leach harmful chemicals into the contents.

It also has a wonderful resistance to weathering. It can withstand exposure to the elements, making it suitable for outdoor applications like windows and facades. It does not degrade or discolour over time due to sunlight or weather conditions.

Glass has unique optical properties that allow for the creation of lenses, prisms, and other optical devices used in scientific research, photography, and various industries.

We love the versatility and beauty of glass. It is an amazing natural material as old as mankind itself. Our refillable Demijohn glass bottles can be reused time and time again, or recycled to have another life, reducing our impact on the environment. This makes us happy!