Top 6 Mother's Day Facts that you might not know

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Mother’s Day is the most important celebration of the year, at least according to our mothers that is. However, many people don’t know much in relation to this occasion.

Therefore, we at Team Demijohn have researched some of our favourite facts to help you understand what Mother’s Day is about, and why the giving of Mother's Day gifts is so important to us all.

1. Mother's Day isn't always on the same date each year:

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The ever-changing date of Mother’s Day can be a very confusing and a potentially dangerous information to miss. Fear not we are here to answer your question of when Mother’s Day take place around the world.

The reason that the date for Mother’s Day changes every year in the UK is thanks to the calendar and the tradition of Christians visiting their ‘mother-church’ on the fourth week of Lent, three weeks before easter.

Due to the change in the lunar calendar each year the date of Mother’s Day changes too, making it different each year. However, in countries such as the USA, Australia, Denmark, Italy, Switzerland, Turkey and Belgium.

Mother’s Day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May. To add to the confusion Mexican Mother’s Day as well as other Latin American countries celebrate on the 10th of May each year. This year in the UK, Mother’s Day occurs on the Sunday, 27th of March 2022. Just in time for that Demijohn Mother’s Day gift to arrive.

2. On Mother’s Day around thirty million cards are sent in the UK:

It would appear that mothers truly love receiving that special personal card on their day. It's good news that on every Demijohn order we include a beautiful card that can be personalised with any message of your choosing. Furthermore, our exquisite collection of glass bottles can also be personalised with any message making it a unique Mother's Day gift idea for this upcoming Mother’s Day.

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3. Mother’s Day is celebrated in 46 countries around the world:

The appreciation for our mothers extends far beyond the UK borders, just like we do. Demijohn orders can be delivered to most countries outside of the UK such as, USA, NZ, AUS and many more for that perfect Mother’s Day gift idea.

Traditional-Mead-Mothers-Day4. Mother’s Day dates to Ancient Greece:

In spring ancient Greeks had celebrations in honour of Rhea, the goddess of fertility, and motherhood. Those celebrations would likely include the drink of gods known as nectar.

At Demijohn we have our own nectar called traditional mead which is gentle on the digestion and packed full of wonderful honey aromas and taste worthy of any Greek god, and hopefully your mother.

5. Mother’s Day is one of the most popular days of the year for eating out:

Having a wonderful dinner out with your mother is a wonderful way to show how much you appreciate her. However, after such a dinner you might need something to help you to digest it, here at Team Demijohn we would highly recommend our award-winning Sloe Gin, traditional tasting liqueur with an exciting bitterness.

If you don’t feel like going out, cooking dinner for your mother could be an amazing way of giving her a homemade gift. Our fantastic selection of oils and vinegars will certainly not disappoint even the harshest of critics boosting any flavours you might cook up.

6. Mother’s Day is the biggest flower buying day of the year in Britain:

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It’s no secret that flowers are a gorgeous classic Mother's gift idea that is well received by most mothers.

The gentle aesthetics of flowers is certainly appealing, although the drawback is that this beauty withers away surprisingly quickly, unlike our glass bottles which are as, if not more beautiful and unique, capable of lasting a lifetime.

In addition to this we provide a refill system where you can fill your bottle back up with any alcohol, oil or vinegar. It is certainly a much more sustainable and timeless idea for a gift that doesn’t have to be thrown away.