Vinegar Launches at Demijohn

25 year old Extra Vecchio Traditional Balsamic Vinegar

25 year old ‘Extra Vecchio’ Traditional Balsamic Vinegar has just arrived at Demijohn. Its exquisite depth of flavour and perfect balance of taste make it a highly sought after, incredibly special product.

Why so special? For anyone who enjoys fine food this traditional balsamic vinegar is the Rolls Royce of all vinegars and the enjoyment is in its unimaginable taste. Its complicated flavour is one balanced between sweet, sharp and fruitiness. It is a taste that lingers for almost an eternity in the mouth, while its velvety texture is something out of this world.

Drizzled on fillet steaks, scallops, fresh green leaves or even strawberries, it transforms a good dish into something sent from heaven. For any serious foodie this is the ultimate present.

Balsamic Vinegar and Strawberries

The Balsamic Vinegar comes from an old Italian family, the Tagliavinis who live at Soliera, near Modena in Northern Italy and who describe it as ‘Black Gold’ – such is its taste, exclusivity and complex flavour. Like any good Italian family they have passed the skills of creating such a culinary delicacy down the generations.

Demijohn’s Angus Ferguson says: “Our new 25 year old Balsamic Vinegar is a very special product indeed. Such is its intensity of taste, you only need the smallest amount to enhance the flavour of so many other delicious foods. Vinegar, as a dressing for salads or to drink as a health tonic, is having an epic revival currently within Britain. We are planning to add even more new vinegars to our range this year to keep up with increasing demand.”

Pouring Balsamic Vinegar over StrawberriesBut there is only a limited amount that has been imported so get your bottle fast – and don’t forget the personalised message which can be added for free:

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Note to Editors:

Demijohn sources unusual, delicious artisan liqueurs, spirits, oils and vinegars from around the UK and Europe and sells them in a wide range of re-useable glass bottles. Each bottle can have a free personalised message added. Gift wrapping is also available.

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