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Dry British Vermouth 18%

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  • 18% Alcohol
  • Origin: Edinburgh
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Tasting Notes

If you are looking for a great tasting, well balanced dry Vermouth to compliment your favourite Martini Cocktails or drink as an aperitif, you have found it. Our Great British Dry Vermouth is made by hand near Edinburgh in Scotland using 24 British herbs, including wormwood. Its magical crisp fresh taste is like Spring in your glass.

How is it best drunk?

Dry Vermouth can be drunk as a light aperitif when mixed with soda water and ice. Fresh lemon or orange can be added to produce an interesting, yet simple, twist to the flavour. Vermouth is best known for being the lesser ingredient within a classic Martini Cocktail. However, if you would like your Martini to be first class, then you definitely need to have a first class Vermouth such as ours to mix with your Vodka or Gin spirit.

To make a classic Martini Cocktail you will need our 6 parts of our smooth Demijohnnie Gin 50% to 1 part of our Dry British Vermouth. Chill your Martini glass with ice, while you shake the two drinks vigorously with ice. Empty the ice from the glass and strain in the two drinks. Garnish with an olive or twist of lemon before sipping slowly.

How is this made?

Our Dry British Vermouth is handmade in small batches by two passionate Scotsmen near Edinburgh, Hamish Martin and Michael Kaplan. Michael cleverly infuses 24 of Hamish's hand grown herbs in a British Wine to successfully re-create a British drink that was actually first produced 1000's of years ago.

Great Britain's maritime climate has given us the perfect environment to produce a rich and varied crop of herbs. Something that the Romans made best use of, thousands of years ago when they landed on Britannia and showed us how to make wine. One complex herbal infusion that was created was given an old English name, Wermod, which we now call Vermouth.

A little more about Vermouths

All Vermouths must contain an Artemisia, in our case it is the herb wormwood or Artemisia absinthium. This is a bitter perennial herb known for its tonic qualities and aiding digestion. A number of other substances, such as herbs, seeds, spices and roots are then added to balance out this complex blend of flavours. If Vermouth is to be sweetened then only caramelised sugar, sucrose or grape must should be used.

There are 3 main types of Vermouth, dry, red and white. Dry Vermouth is created with a white wine base and is used to create the classic Martini cocktail. Red Vermouth is coloured with caramel or herbs and is sweet, White Vermouth uses a sweet white wine base. Two other varieties also exist but are less well known, Rose Vermouth and Orange or Ambre Vermouth.

Allergen Advice

Contains sulphites.

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