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Corporate Gifts

A company corporate gift can be a wonderful way to show appreciation staff, customers or possibly even impress a potential client with a prestige gifting experience. Our huge variety of corporate gifts are created from our range of unique handmade food and drink products. The variation in size of our bottles means we can meet almost any budget. All our refillable glass bottles can be personalised with an effective handwritten message free. This could be used to highlight a particular company name or event for example. Our glass and wood products can also be engraved with a more permanent mark, such as a company logo, for an additional charge.

What is a corporate gift?
A corporate gift is simply a gift for employees, customers, or even possible clients, that come from a business or company. Those gifts could be anything, ranging from stationary to bottles of alcohol. However, I think we would all agree that personalised corporate gifts make for a more interesting and prestige gifting experience for everyone involved. Therefore, personalised company gifts are one of our favourite orders to process since we can produce a personal and unique experience for the people that will receive it, making not only their day but ours as well.

Corporate Gifts

How did corporate gifts begin?
It is unclear when exactly business gifts have begun. We can assume that it could be as far as the origins of trade itself. Gifts were often used as a means of developing a relationship with someone or to establish a business trade. Corporate gifts were also a type of gift exchanged by rulers and conquerors of lands to establish peace or sign treaties between the domains, serving as an entry way of establishing such relations.

Why should I buy corporate gifts?
There are many different reasons and arguments that encourage the concept of corporate gifting. One of the main arguments in support of corporate gifts is the overwhelming possibility of improvement in relations with employees. This improvement in relations can have an immense positive impact on the business as it might motivate the employees to dedicate more time for the company since the gifts received will make them feel more appreciated and valued in the job they are doing. This amazing boost in relations can also be observed when a company gifts their client. The simple gesture of giving a present can be an incredibly successful tool to establish a relation with a potential client. This gesture of giving a gift can also make said client feel indebted towards you, possibly increasing your chances of them agreeing to your proposal/idea. Therefore, using corporate gifts in such a way can greatly increase your relations with clients and grow your business as a result. Another very important reason for company gifting is the excellent possibility of marketing your brand to other people. With our personalised corporate gifts, it is easier than ever to promote your business. Personalising your idea for corporate gifts can be achieved by simply adding the name or the logo of your business to the bottles which will be promoted to anyone that receives it. This simple gesture can be more impactful than receiving money by itself, as it conveys the message of kindness, care and appreciation to the person who receives the corporate gift.

Employee Appreciation Gift

Any tips for picking a corporate gift?

There are no set rules for choosing company gifts. However, we can give you a few helpful tips to guide you to the best corporate gift idea for you and the people you want to give the gifts to. We are completely aware that corporate gifting can be a difficult situation one can find themselves in. There are always a lot of options to pick from and it could be difficult to know what everyone would like and enjoy. Therefore, it could be a clever idea to go for a variety of products so everyone can find something they will love. We also do realise that by buying a vast number of products it can quickly become a very expensive endeavour. To keep everything on budget we recommend our miniatures which can be a very elegant gift to receive. Furthermore, the amazing products can also be personalised making it more unique and most importantly recognisable which could promote your business. The final tip to consider for corporate gifts is to be aware of what the receiving person would like to receive. You might think that corporate wine gifts might be an excellent idea. However, it could be deemed insensitive to give an alcoholic gift to someone who cannot drink it or receive it. Therefore, it could be a safer idea to consider other options such as olive oils or vinegars to accommodate everyone and be inclusive.

Business Client Gifts

Concluding thoughts
Despite the difficult decision of picking a corporate gift it is certainly helpful to remember that a corporate gift is simply a gift for employees, customers or even clients from a business/company. This simple fact should be considered when picking a gift as it could guide your decision for picking that special corporate gift.  It is unclear when exactly business gifts have begun. However, there are many different reasons and arguments that encourage the concept of corporate gifting. One of the main reasons for gifting is to boost relations with the person who receives the gift, this improvement can be extremely beneficial for your business. When choosing a gift remember that there are no set rules for doing company gifts. However, it could be very useful to keep in mind what the other person can receive to make the gift more personal and more appreciated. If you are unsure if your pick for a company gift will be well received, just remember that it is still a gift, which will showcase your overwhelming kindness which will without a doubt be the best gift a person can receive.

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