Burghley Bounder Cocktail

The Burghley Bounder Cocktail

We love to experiment with new tastes and sometimes cocktail inspiration strikes unexpectedly, often as a result of a new product arriving at a particular moment. And so was the case with the creation of this fantastically fresh and drinkable Burghley Bounder Cocktail, created during the 2018 Burghley International Horse Trials.

Our insanely popular Seville Orange Gin was combined with our zingy Lime & Chilli Cordial, some very fine Red Gum Honey from our Scottish friend Shamus Ogilvy at Necta & Hive and some fresh lime juice to create a wickedly delicious cocktail that might even give a rider enough courage to bound their horse around the famously tricky Burghley cross country course....well almost!!



To avoid freezing the honey, muddle the honey with the Seville Orange Gin, Lime & Chilli Cordial and fresh lime juice in a cocktail shaker without any ice until all the honey dissolves. Then add crushed ice and the remainder of your squeezed lime fruit chopped into smaller chunks. Shake hard and pour complete contents into suitable sized tumbler or rocks glass. Sip slowly and get ready to leap like a Thoroughbred!

The Burghley Bounder Cocktail Gift Set

How do I buy the drinks for this cocktail?

Please choose an apppropriately sized bottle of Seville Orange Gin 26% and Lime & Chilli Cordial from our Cordial range.

Anything else I should know?

Red Gum honey is our preferred ingredient for the Burghley Bounder Cocktail due to is delicious concentrated molasses taste. However, another good honey could of course be used.

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