Election Twist on a Long Island Iced Tea

Election Twist on a Long Island Iced Tea

The 2010 election fever certainly needed a little ice to cool it off. We created our Election Twist cocktail to be just the long drink needed to keep us up late and survive a long night of vote counting! Our Election Twist is a Demijohn variation of the seductively sweet classic Long Island Iced Tea cocktail and has been invented by one of our Glasgow team members, Carlos Wheeler. It was first drunk by a group of guests taking part in one of our organised tasting evenings in Glasgow. Their enthusiastic noises of approval have now written it into the official Demijohn Cocktail Book.



Describing the preparation of this drink reads like a manifesto. Making our Election Twist is an undemanding labour of love! Start with equal measures of our marmalady Seville Orange Gin 26% and our Lime Vodka Liqueur 24%. Add a conservative measure of Spiced Rum and a splash of fresh squeezed lemon to give a twist of independence and a subtly green feel. Shake and strain into an ice filled Colins (long) or Rocks (short) glass and top up with a liberal dose of full fat Coca Cola.

Anything else I should know?

If you are a monster raving looney and want to make it a classic Long Island Iced Tea, add a half measure of gold Tequila and teaspoon full of egg white. Election night will never be the same again!

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