Lime & Basil Cooler Mocktail (Alcohol Free)

A Lime & Basil Cooler Mocktail, made with our delicious Lime & Chilli Cordial

The Summer of 2020 has been hot at times, and unusually dry here in South West Scotland. So hot in fact that we have been constantly thinking up new thirst quenching alcohol free Mocktails to drink, like our really simple Lime & Basil Cooler Mocktail.

This is a fabulous drink, using our popular Lime & Chilli Cordial, which can make a brilliantly healthy, non-alcoholic option to the 6pm G&T. As many of our guests have testified, it is an alcohol free drink that thanks to the lime and chilli actually tastes exciting and almost alcoholic.



Put plenty of ice cubes in a tumbler glass, along with a sprig of fresh basil and a measure of our Lime & Chilli Cordial. Top up with Walter Gregor's Tonic Water and gently stir.

Drink our Lime & Basil Cooler Mocktail at Summer BBQs, for a pre-dinner drink or during a garden lunch in the hot Summer sun. When you simply need to quench your thirst with a delicious, grown up alcohol free drink our Lime & Basil Cooler is the answer!

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