Yummy Mummy

Yummy Mummy Cocktail

Our Yummy Mummy Cocktail is designed for all gin lovers, however, it also seems particularly suited to gin loving Mothers, hence its name! With its clever balance of flavour and hint of orange it is a truely delightful drink.

You can buy the ingredients for this cocktail easily as our Yummy Mummy Cocktail Gift Set, which is a fabulous idea for a Mother's Day gift.


Preparation - How to make a Yummy Mummy Cocktail

To make your Yummy Mummy Cocktail select a large wine goblet glass and fill 1/3 full with ice. Using a sharp vegetable peeler, carefully remove one or two strands of peel from a fresh orange. Twist the orange peel tight in order to release the zesty oils and drop the peel into the glass.

Add measures of Seville Orange Gin, Demijohnnie Gin and Sloe Gin and mix. Lastly add a dash of our Aberdeenshire Walter Gregor's Tonic and muddle one last time gently prior to serving. Now you are ready to sip this delicious gin and orange cocktail slowly. By the third sip, you will be humming "Yummy Mummy!"

Yummy Mummy Cocktail Cocktail Gift Set

Anything else I should know?

Our Yummy Mummy Cocktail was created in February 2017 by the enthusiatic Ladies of our Oxford Shop, Manon, Zoe and Rosa, for the now annual Demijohn Staff Christmas party cocktail competition.

AKA Little Clarendon Street Tri Threat, this bombastic gin cocktail will give you wings. Be careful, it is deliciously strong as we all found out on that fun night.....

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