Best Father's Day Gifts

Best Father's Day Gifts - The Cheeseboard Drinks Selection

Father's Day is looming. It's a wonderful idea. I do agree with Grace Clayton and Sonora Dodd, the two women credited with instituting Father's Day, that these very fine chaps deserve a day of their own to be lauded and celebrated just as much as I approve of a bit of lauding and celebrating on Mothers Day. But I have a concern. The three people in my family for whom it is most difficult to choose Father's Day gifts are my husband, my father and my brother: each of whom are fathers and, I suspect, just as difficult to buy for as many a father in the land.

So I have tried to come up with the best Father Day gifts to suit several different types of chap. I'm sure your own Pop is a many faceted cove who cannot be categorized in such a trite manner but perhaps one of these might tickle one of his fancies?

  • The Gardener: For the Father most likely to be found in his vegetable patch, or rolling his lawn, or producing Begonias to dazzle the eye in his greenhouse, or even enjoying a moment in a deckchair I would recommend the Cubarb. A triumphant brew using the first stems of spring Rhubarb.
  • The Country Sportsman: Is your Father enternally loading up his labradors, donning his tweeds, and heading off into the hills in pursuit of the one that got away? Keep his spirits up with a Sporting Box, 4 liqueurs and 16 shot glasses to be produced with a flourish from a beautiful handmade Cherrywood case.
  • The Highlander: Never happier than when at one with his Caledonian roots and rolling a dram between his paws. I'd recommend the Father's Day Box Set. A fruitfilled Bramble Scotch Whisky Liqueur presented in a beautiful British handmade Cherrywood Box.
  • The Sailor: So, yours is the distant dot cresting the waves on the high seas, battling with his bilges or just sporting a blazer and a natty little cap? Help him wind down with the Father's Spiced Rum Ration.
  • The Chef: The serious skilleteer, the whipper upper of dinners of delight, will in turn be delighted with a bottle of Daddy's Sauce. No sharp, gloopy brown sludge this: but this100ml of magnificent 25 year old Tagliavini Aceto Balsamico di Modena is gourmet gold.
  • The Sentimentalist: Always brandishing that snap of your babyself in your Birthday suit, or delighting in his Dad dancing? Celebrate his cheesiness with the Cheeseboard Drinks Selection, a cherrywood tantalus enclosing 3 200ml bottles of Bramble Scotch Whisky Liqueur, Somerset Pomona 20% and Elderberry & Port Liqueur 17%.
  • The Eccentric: It's good to enjoy the individual characteristics of your Pa. Don't hide him away but toast his nuciferous qualities with a bottle of Walnut Liqueur 38%.
  • The Man of Leisure: A fellow who avoids the hubbub and likes to enjoy life at a leisurely speed could only be delighted with a Litre of Sloe Sherry.

Regardless of whether your Father fits one of these just a tiny bit, toast him with Father's Day gifts from Demijohn. Packed in our trademark burgundy tissue, and delivered to his door, should you so wish, show him just how much you appreciate your own paragon of Parenthood.

Good luck choosing, Frances