Cocktails, Crooners and Citrus Sundowner's

Mark on top form on the stand!

Huddersfield Food and Drink Festival

Who would have thought, tucked away in West Yorkshire, there was a festival as EPIC as this one!

Huddersfield Food and Drink Festival is not only one of the most successful shows we do, it is also the most fun...
Step straight off the train, walk out of the station and you are there; exotic foods, amazing cheese, tasting and demonstrations everywhere, and all in the main square! But more frivolity is to be had, 6 o'clock happens... It is time for a street party...
The live bands (most of whom are obviously fuelled with the odd Citrus Sundowner or Morello Fizz from demijohn's much loved cocktail selection) play on the steps of the station. Everybody, happy due to eating Awesome and drinking Fabulous all day, is rocking in the street.
We shut off our bottling section of the stand and like Tom Cruise and Bryan Brown in Cocktail (although the bottles are getting thrown in a stylish and smooth way, I cannot say the same for the catching!) the bar comes into its own, acting like the servant of Bacchus, boosting the party to the extreme!