Demijohn News - Last chance to claim your refill discount

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Claim your 15% Refill Discount

There is now only 5 days left for you to claim your 15% discount when refilling your old Demijohn bottles. So why not plan a quick party this weekend and enjoy draining a few nearly empty bottles "down the hatch" with a collection of friends, before popping back in for a refill?

By refilling your Demijohn bottles you not only save on the cost of the original bottle; until Tue 28th February 2017 we are offering an additional 15% discount on the cost of your refill.

When refilling, please always ensure your bottles are as clean as possible prior to returning. Simply request your refill discount from a member of our Staff at time of purchase. We will do the rest, including removing any labels and providing new corks if necessary.

Competition Time!

Congratulations go to Mr Stuart Old from Colchester who has won our Valentine's Day competition for a Heart of Raspberry Vodka, also known as One for the Heart. Thankyou to all those who entered. If you fancy your chances once again then please click to enter our latest competition to win a £30 bundle of kiln dried logs and other items from our friends at Certainly Wood.

Have a great time this weekend trying to finish up all your old Demijohn bottles. We hope to see you before Tuesday next week for a refill!



Demijohn News - Last chance to claim your refill discount