Easter Gifts with a Difference

Easter Gifts - Chocolate Orange Cream Liqueur Egg

I'm no opponent of the chocolate egg. Indeed I could be counted among its avid fans; but sometimes the serried rows of Minion and Mr Man themed packages in the supermarket don't really conjure up the right impression when trying to find really stylish Easter gift ideas for an adult. The homemade Easter gift is the non-pareil of stylish presents but again, despite all my attempts the end result never quite adds up to the intention.

I've admired the skill shown by my family and friends in transforming to assumed delight their initial recoil from the proffered sticky, slightly mysterious jar purporting to be homemade marmalade, or perhaps it's chutney, since the labelling happened sometime after the event and the contents don't look readily identifiable. Similar doubts accompany the beanbags for my lovely nieces made from my collection of unused shards of upholstery fabric. William Morris prints – just what every 8 year old yearns for – lucky ducks.

So, my point is, this year I might play it safe. Let the homemaking be done by one of those genii who make Demijohn's delicious wares. Penny Turnbull and Lindsey Anderson, from Fife, are just one such small farmer's market producer who starting making vinegars inspired by the produce of their own rambling garden and have now produced a wonderful Tayberry Vinegar for us. This rich dark fruity nectar is wonderful on salad, on cheese or on game. At the moment I'm consuming the stuff by the teaspoonful with sharp hard cheeses from Allsop and Walker. A Ying & Yang bottle set full of Tayberry Vinegar and some Villa Montalbano Extra Virgin Olive Oil would be the very zenith of sophisticated, handmade easter gifts for an adult.

For those adults in your life who just might feel short changed by not getting chocolate in their Easter Gift there is no more perfect Easter Gift than a Chocolate Orange with a difference. A delightful 500ml Sfera bottle filled with Chocolate Orange Cream Liqueur 17% from that clever sorcerer in Devon, Nigel Howard. A blend of dark chocolate, Devon cream, Somerset Apple Brandy and orange zest this is the very thing.

Move aside Easter Bunny, it's the Demijohn Easter Gift Basket from here-on!