My Father's Day

Father’s Day gift - Spiced Rum Ration

Every year I have asked my Father what he wants as a Father’s Day gift. I get a similar reply every year, something along the lines of “just to know my family are well” or something equally cheesy like “nothing, but if you wanted to come and see me at some point this week, consider that my gift!”… I have been blessed with a phenomenal Dad.

Every year I try to find him the perfect Father’s Day gifts, making him things (like the flapjack that broke his teeth) and buying him things (like the latest shaving kit from the Bodyshop - which was much appreciated in the moment but I think still sits at the back of the bottom draw of the bathroom).

But this was before I managed to ween my Father, ever so successfully, into the world of whisky… which was the gateway drink to other Demijohn delights, the Whisky Mac made with our very own Demijohn Blend and our Ginger Wine… then onto the Seville Orange Gin, then the Morello Cherry Brandy, the Apple Eau de Vie, the Limoncello… and on it went until the day my Father has everything Demijohn has to offer!… but where do you go after that… I offered to refill them as his gift! Brilliant idea! I got it all cheaper as we were using the old bottles, I took my Dad in to ‘re-taste’ everything he wanted and it was a complete success! I had found something my Father actually liked!

But this tale is not one of complete triumph, thinking I had got it all sorted, I went into my Parents house to collect refills, only to find that my dear sweet Papa had gone to Oxford and filled them up himself!… so what do I get him this year?!?…

I’m going to have to be creative, write him a song, paint him a picture, or of course cook him some more tooth breaking flapjack… but one thing is for sure… the bottles will be empty by next year!

Best wishes, Mark