Something for Mother on Mother's Day

Rhubarb and Ginger, a wonderful Mother's Day gift idea

Something for Mother

Mother's Day falls on Sunday 11 March this year here in Britain. Interestingly, in the US it will be celebrated on 13 May. If you need something nice for your Mother on Mothering Sunday, we can help. Our selection of Mother's Day gift ideas is a great start to give you present buying inspiration, but there is so much more to choose from.

Top 10 Mother's Day Gifts

To makes things simple for you, here are our Demijohn top 10 Mother's Day gift ideas for 2018. We hope you like them and don't forget you can add a free handwritten message on the bottle to give it your personal touch:

  1. Rhubarb and Ginger - £23.20 - A charming set of Ying & Yang 200ml bottles filled with our delicious Rhubarb Vodka Liqueur and Ginger Wine, which combine to make our Carrie Mak Cocktail.
  2. Mother's Day Warmer - £22.80 - Two tall and elegant Ducale 200ml bottles are filled with our fruity Damson Gin Liqueur and Ginger Wine. The result is a delicious, warming treat.
  3. The Gin Rack - £34.87 - A set of our 5 most popular gin liqueurs nestle in a handmade, British poplar wood tantalus to create the most beautiful rack of gins. If your Mother likes gin, this could be for her.
  4. Fila Oil and Vinegar Gift Set - £19.30 - 3 beautifully shaped Fila 100ml bottles nestle together to create a good looking gift set. Filled with our Villa Montalbano Tuscan Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Tayberry Vinegar and Apple Vinegar this is heaven for any salad lover.
  5. The Liqueur Box - £90.55 - Its beauty is in the simplicity of its design. Our handsome British handmade Oak wood box contains a set of our 6 most popular liqueurs in charming cubed 100ml bottles. This is very special.
  6. Raspberry Vodka Liqueur (100ml) - £9.00 - Raspberry Vodka Liqueur has fun written all over it. Fruity, smooth and loved by all, this drink is simply delightful!
  7. Mini Vinegar Rack - £19.43 - If your Mother loves her salads and already has a good olive oil in the house, this is a beautiful compact set of our handmade vinegars that can refilled and re-used time and again.
  8. Gooseberry Gin Liqueur (40ml) - £4.88 - A very small taste of something utterly delicious. Small can be beautiful.
  9. Bramble Whisky Liqueur (350ml) - £21.60 - Our Bramble Whisky Liqueur is one of our most popular drinks as it appeals to whisky drinkers and non whisky drinkers alike. Fruity with a cheeky tickle!
  10. Tasting for Two - £40 - If you would like to treat your Mother to a special day out, then do consider our Tasting for Two. Book it at a time and date of your choosing, in any of our shops, and tell us what you would like to taste. This is fun.

Fila Oil and Vinegar Gift Set, a great idea for a salad lover

So, regardless of where you live in the World the importance of Mothering Sunday is the same for us all. It is the moment to say thankyou, to show our love and remember happy times with our wonderful Mothers.

We are here to help offer more ideas, as our suggestions are merely the start of the thought process when buying a special Mother's Day gift. Remember that each of our bottles varieties can be filled with any one of our 80 products, which gives you an extraordinary amount of choice. By the time we have written your chosen message and wrapped the bottles up beautifully for you, we can guarantee that your present for your Mother will be unique.

Best wishes,