The Demijohn News - Oxford is Open!

Demijohn opens in Oxford

Newsflash! We have finally opened our new shop in Oxford, hooray!

After 3 weeks of sanding, cleaning, painting and, most importantly, filling demijohns we are finally ready to welcome you to try Demijohn at 20 Little Clarendon Street in Oxford for yourself.

Tomorrow will be the official opening of our new shop, with my Uncle playing his bagpipes merrily at about 12.30pm and bringing a small skirl of Scotland to the streets of North Oxford. If you are able to drop by and enjoy the experience you would be more than welcome. We will be open until 6pm.

An Invite to a Tasting Evening in Oxford

If you miss tomorrow, no matter. We will be running a series of launch tasting evenings up to the end of November on the house. If you have already applied for an invite and received a reply from us then you need do nothing more as we will be in touch again shortly with booking details. If you wish to be invited to one of our launch tasting evenings at the new Darren Anderson, our new Oxford Shop Manager, ready for anything (including painting shelves!)shop, then please contact us expressing interest.

The launch tasting evenings will be run on a similar basis to our standard tasting evening. The events will be held on a number of week nights over the next couple of months and will be free to attend on the condition that you bring at least one friend who might also appreciate what we have to offer. They will be light hearted and fun, but clearly subject to availability!

We look forward to entertaining you again soon.