The Demijohn News - Tis the hour for Elderflower!

Elderflower Vinegar and Lemon Oil Ball - A fabulous recipe for salads

'Tis the hour for Elderflower!

Summer is upon us at last, and with it brings a craving in our family for fresh green leaf Summer salads dressed with a little Elderflower Vinegar. Happily our Elderflower Vinegar is now back in stock, so it is time for you to wash out your empty Demijohn bottles and pop back in for a refill or place an order online.

A Tale of Two Picks

While it grew a little later than expected this year due to our cool British Spring, the flower of the Elder was blooming good in the North of England and slightly less so in Scotland.

A now annual event, we closed up some of the shops for two days at the end of June so that we could pick the precious elderflower heads for our delicious Elderflower Vinegar. I apologise now if you were caught out by such a sudden shop closure. However, without the gallant and voluntary efforts of our Staff there simply would be no Elderflower Vinegar and salads the Country over would be much less interesting as a result!

The York Elderflower pickers eating lunchThe Edinburgh picking team at the end of a long dayCat and Tom plunder the hedgerows of West Yorkshire

Team Demijohn has a history of picking things, and there is no doubt in my mind that it is the right thing to do. At the very least it gives us an excellent opportunity to eat a fabulous picnic lunch and try a few Demijohn Cocktails! At its best, it allows us to make a unique, naturally delicious product.

Once picked the flower heads are rushed north to Edinburgh, where Anne Sinclair and her team are ready to turn nature into our addictive Summer salad dressing.

Unique to us at Demijohn, our Elderflower Vinegar is always in limited supply. We would therefore recommend that you stock up now to prevent missing something very special indeed.

Competition Time

Pipe Major Alistair Duthie pipes at Demijohn during the Scottish Game FairIt is competition time again. If you have yet to enter our latest competition for our new Mini Whisky Rack delivered free to your door, then please do so now. The competition closes for entry on Sun 6 Sept 2015. Click to enter now!

Events News

Thankyou to all those who came to see us at the Scottish Game Fair at Scone Palace in Perth at the start of the month. We had a very merry time of it and even broke into a dance at one point, not least because of the excellent bagpiping by Pipe Major Alistair Duthie!

Our next major event will be the superb CLA Game Fair, to be held this year at Harewood House near Leeds. We will be in the British Food Village and once again have our cocktail bar in action. The fair starts on Friday 30th July for 3 days.

Please view our Fairs and Events page for more details of where we will exhibit in 2015.

Have a wonderful weekend and we look forward to hearing from you again soon.