The Demijohn News - We have a new Whisky Cocktail

Fruity Highlander Cocktail

Introducing the Fruity Highlander Cocktail

If you like your Whisky cocktails then this could be a new one for you to try. Our Fruity Highlander Cocktail combines our delicious Bramble Scotch Whisky Liqueur 23% with our smooth Ginger Wine 14.5%. Best sipped with plenty of ice, this simple aperitif will certainly get a party going!

Father's Day Offers

Father's Day is a approaching fast on Sunday 15th June, however, there is still time to take up our 15% discount offer on orders, enter our competition for a bottle of Spiced Rum Liqueur 20% and put your name down for a free Father's Day Tasting Evening at one of our shops if you are still yet to do so. All details can be found in the last edition of The Demijohn News. If you get stuck please contact us and we will be happy to help.

Observer Food Monthly Awards

If you think we are worthy of an award then there is now a small way you can show it. We would be enourmously grateful if you voted for us in the Observer Food Monthly Awards this month. Simply list us as your choice in Section 8, Best Independant Retailer category and we will let you know if we win. Thankyou for helping and fingers crossed!

Have a wonderful weekend and if you do try our new Fruity Highlander Cocktail don't forget to raise a glass to The Highlanders who inspired it!