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Highland Bread and Butter Pudding
As the traditional damp and cold of a Scottish January starts to seep into the air, the house, the bones and the spirits there couldn't be a better time for some inner cheer in the form of a hearty pudding....
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A Curiosity with Whisky
The word 'Whisky' holds many different connotations these days. For some it is either the horrid smelling rocket fuel of the goblins, or for others it is the most precious rays of unadulterated sunlight held together by water and made...
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Big Daddy Lands at Demijohn for Father's Day
Big Daddy is weighing down the Demijohn shelves as the best Father’s Day present ever – but what is this delicious new offering? For Father’s Day on June 6th Demijohn is suggesting devoted children should splash out and indulge their...
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