A Unique Guide to Easter Gifts

Unique Easter Gifts

Delight your loved ones and bring plenty of joy to your family this Easter with Demijohn’s unique Easter gifts. From personalised Easter baskets to Easter gift bags and Easter gifts for adults, Demijohn has the best Easter gifts to celebrate the holidays in style.

Easter Gift Baskets

If you are looking for the perfect, gourmet Easter basket to share with you loved ones this long weekend, then you will appreciate our Easter Gift Box. This unique Easter gift has been carefully curated to quench both alcoholic and non-alcoholic thirsts.

Easter Gift Box

Beautifully creamy Butterscotch Cream Liqueur and wonderfully fresh Rhubarb Liqueur make the Easter gifts for the adults’ side, while the Handmade Cordial, Yorkshire Lemon Rapeseed Oil, Bramble Vinegar and Chocolate Tree Hot Chocolate are appropriate Easter gifts for the whole family.

Each component has been beautifully wrapped and nestled in our environmentally friendly kraft cardboard Easter gift box, so if you wish to send an Easter basket to far away friends and family, they will be thrilled to unveil each delightful product.

A Personalised Easter Gift

The best Easter gift is a personalised Easter present! Whether you are gifting a singular, charming bottle, or a fantastic Easter hamper, you can customise our gifts with a message. Take a look at our luxurious Butterscotch Cream Liqueur for example, we have personalised this bottle with a Happy Easter message and personalised Easter bunny and Easter egg to get into the holiday spirit! The world is your oyster so, if you wish to adorn a unique message or drawing on each bottle for each of your guests, we would be delighted to do so.

Personalised Easter Gifts

Chocolate Easter eggs are always appreciated, but have you considered our alternative Easter Egg? At Demijohn, we are all for an alternative Easter egg for adults! Our deliciously fragrant Chocolate Rum Liqueur is a must have for chocolate lovers this season, if you are on the search for adult Easter ideas this is a fantastic option. This unique and handmade Easter gift is simply amazing over ice to get the Easter celebrations started or as a liquid Easter dessert after a fabulous dinner.

Our Chocolate Rum Liqueur would be a wonderful component in an Easter cocktail, too, we would recommend our Chocolate Dark and Stormy Cocktail. If you like dark chocolate and strong rum drinks, we think this drink is for you. Consisting of our Chocolate Rum Liqueur, Ginger Wine, Lime Vodka Liqueur and Soda Water, this is definitely an Easter drink to kick off the weekend celebrations.

Boozy Easter Gifts

Another fantastic way to get into the Easter spirit this year is to introduce your loved ones to our Boozy Chocolate Truffles. Incredibly rich and made one-of-a-kind flavours due to our Demijohn secret ingredients, these truffles taste as good as they look. The secrets? You guessed it, our vast selection of liqueurs!

Boozy Chocolate Truffles

We have a handy recipe and video to guide you where we have used six of our marvellous liqueurs with this flexible recipe. So, feel free to experiment this Easter, whether you fancy our Bramble Scotch Whisky Liqueur or Seville Orange Gin Liqueur to flavour your Easter desserts, these unique, boozy truffles are bound to get your guests talking!

Unique Edible Easter Gifts

However, if you are looking for a unique edible Easter gift that is not sweet, then we are pleased to draw your attention to our Oil and Vinegar Tower. This gourmet Easter gift consists of three charming, stackable bottles lovingly filled with our fresh Kabbadates Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Corfu, our subtle Apple Vinegar and wonderfully fruity Bramble Vinegar from Comrie.

Oil & Vinegar Tower with Oak Wood Gift Box

Easter ideas do not need to only last the weekend, and this Easter giftset proves it. Enjoy our delicious vinegars and oils over salad, in soups, and in sauces, gravies and stews. The opportunities are endless! So, this Easter gift is perfect for those who love cooking and experimenting with delicious flavours. Plus, our Oil and Vinegar Tower is also available with our handsome Oak Gift Box, for when you want to gift a little more, this truly makes a standout impression.

Easter Gifts Delivered to your Door

At Demijohn, we truly appreciate how the Easter holidays bring friends and family together, there is something special about sitting back and enjoying new foods and drinks with loved ones. However, if you cannot be there in person this holiday season, you can trust in our Demijohn delivery service to ensure you are there in spirit!

Gift wrapped to perfection, our Easter hampers and Easter giftboxes will make it in one piece to spread the Easter cheer, plus add a free personalised card to your order for that thoughtful touch, so you can send your Easter gifts without worry this year.