The Best Father's Day Gifts

Demijohn sells the best personalised Fathers Day gifts

Father’s Day is on the horizon, so it’s time to get our thinking caps on and find unique Fathers Day gifts that are cool, meaningful and unique. From delicious whiskies to thoughtful gift sets, at Demijohn we have a variety of custom Fathers Day gifts that will make an impact. So, if you are looking for gifts for dad who has everything, you have come to the right place.

Simple Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Let’s not overcomplicate it, some of the best Father’s Day gifts are straight to the point and exactly what the dad in your life is looking for. Taking a look at him, what drink does he treat himself to when he really deserves it?

For dads who enjoy a fine whisky, we would like to introduce you to Demijohn’s Finest Blended Scotch Whisky. Remarkably smooth, gentle and well balanced, this whisky may actually remind him of himself.

This spectacular boutique blended Scotch Whisky will easily become a favourite, traces of salt and walnuts, the well bodied flavour expertly balances sweetness and dryness.

Whether he decided to share this exquisite drink or keeps it for himself, we are sure he will be thinking about one of Demijohn’s finest beverages for years to come.

Warning: your father may want this excellent gift for all other Father’s Days! 

Cube shaped bottle of Demijohn's Finest Blended Scotch Whisky

Unique Father’s Day Gifts

Have you found yourself bored by the usual options that tend to be recommended every Father’s Day? So have we, that’s why we have curated a wonderful selection of Father's Day gifts that are truly special and one-of-a-kind.

Take a look at our fantastic Spiced Rum Gift Box, expertly handcrafted from the finest oak, our generous Mystic 500ml bottle fits snuggly inside. Talk about wow factor!

Our Spiced Rum Liqueur from Glasgow is just as unique as the Oak Wood Gift Box it is presented in. Velvety smooth, this rum is delicious on the rocks but also elevates cocktails to the next level.

Plus, when your father finishes every last, delicious drop of his Spiced Rum, he can refill this charming bottle with over seventy fabulous options from our website.

Have a quick look at our Mail Order Refill Service for our easy to use, moneysaving refill service that keeps both your fathers' bottles full and treats the environment well.

When cared for correctly, both the bottle and handmade Oak Wood presentation box can last a lifetime, the perfect charming attribute to your home when on display. 

Cube bottle of Spiced Rum in the forefront, oak gift box behind and crystal glass and decanter to the right 

Gifts for a Dad who has Everything

Typical! Your dad just has to be the one who either says he does not want anything, or who has everything he could want. Do not to fret, we have a variety of fathers day presents that will not only surprise him, but he may end up buying for himself again and again.

However, you may run into the same issue next Father’s Day comes around when he stocks up on his Demijohn goodies. Although, there's nothing wrong with bolstering his collection of delicious drinks.

Go big this Father’s Day with Demijohn’s Big Daddy, this fantastically sized gift is definitely a generous one. Our beautiful 3 litre Salmo bottle has been filled with our divine, award-winning Bramble Scotch Whisky Liqueur.

I’m sure you can agree that this gift is guaranteed to leave an impression. Rich, full bodied and wonderfully rounded, our Bramble Scotch Whisky Liqueur is the cherry on top after supper, especially when enjoyed with cheese.

With a bottle this size, we’re sure he will be looking forward to wrapping up his dinners for weeks to come!

However, if a different beverage has caught your eye, this bottle is available for whichever preference. Even vinegars, oils and cordials.

Big Daddy, a 3 litre bottle of Bramble Scotch Whisky Liqueur

A personalised gift idea for Dad

As you may know, at Demijohn, not only do we love to fill and refill bottles with our collection of delicious alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, but we also adore writing on them.

Whether it’s a simple ‘Happy Father’s Day’, a carefully worded, detailed expression of love and appreciation, or a cheeky inside joke, we are all for providing your dad with a personalised fathers day gift.

Not only this, but we also gift wrap each personalised fathers day present with intricate care, so when the gift is sent your way, there’s no need to get out the wrapping paper – it’s all done for you.

This also means you can send your order directly to your dad, each order comes with a free Demijohn card that you can add a personalised message to.

So, no need to pop to the shop to get a card or wrapping paper, our meaningful fathers day gifts are fully personalisable for the greatest impact. 

Bottle of Bramble Scotch Whisky Liqueur with handwritten message that says 'Happy Father's Day!' 

Gifts for Dads who Love to Cook

Whether it’s grilling, barbequing or rocking up whatever you may request, we know there is a real appreciation for a home-cooked meal made by Dad.

At Demijohn, we have a fantastic variety of delicious infused oils and fragrant vinegars. Each oil and vinegar is incredibly unique, from our naturally sweet Blackcurrant Vinegar, to our spicy Yorkshire Red Chilli Rapeseed Oil. We have a huge variety of products that will inspire your father in the kitchen, which are beautifully bottled and make an attractive piece on display.

The best Father’s Day gifts are often the most practical, that’s why our Father's Day Salad Dressing Gift Set is one you will want to get your hands on.

This Father's Day Gift Set is bottled in our charming 100ml Mystic bottles that are stackable - you could even build a fathers day display for him to discover on the kitchen counter.

Father's Day Salad Dressing Gift Set

Our Villa Montalbano Extra Virgin Olive Oil is included in this set, with its superbly fresh taste accompanied by its velvety smooth texture.

The two vinegars in this Father’s Day gift set are equally as fabulous as the other but are each distinctively exceptional. The Elderflower Vinegar provides a fantastically sharp taste that works wonderfully with salads, and also in our Lemon Weegie Cocktail and even our Elderflower Cake recipe.

The final component to this unique gift set is our Rhubarb Balsamic Vinegar. This gently sweet vinegar possesses a cleverly balanced flavour that is perfect for dressing a leafy salad, using when cooking or drinking as a vinegar spritzer.

Now the best part? Combining these three ingredients together to truly enhance the cooking experience. The options are practically endless making this the perfect gift for the family chef.

White plate with slice of Elderflower Cake and picked elderflower decorated by its side

Father’s Day is the perfect opportunity to give back to the man that usually does all the giving, the one day of the year when he doesn’t have to grab his wallet.

So show your appreciation with a unique, meaningful and personalised gift that he is sure to love this Father’s Day.

With over seventy different, delicious and expertly crafted products we are sure to have the perfect, drinkable present for your dad. Whether he enjoys something sweet, strong or savoury, Demijohn has got you covered.