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Navy Strength Scottish White Rum 57%

  • $11.11 per 100ml
  • Origin: Scotland
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Navy Strength Scottish White Rum 57% (10ml)   +$1.11

Tasting Notes

If you are a fan of rum, then this is definitely worth trying. Our Navy Strength Scottish White Rum is our house rum. At 57% abv, it is ferociously delicious. Premium Single Rums like this are few and far between, luckily this one is distilled locally in South West Scotland.

This beautifully smooth, new make white rum knocks the socks of any other white rums we have ever sipped. Its complex flavour is a smooth cacophony of citrus, vanilla with even a hint of fruit in there somewhere. And of course, there is the enchanting impact of its alcoholic strength. Something to behold.

How is this best drunk?

Premium Navy Strength Scottish White Single Rum is used in nearly all the classic rum cocktails, from the mint fuelled Mojito to a rum based Long Island Iced Tea using Coca Cola. Our Navy Strength Scottish White Rum is smooth and complex enough to drink neat over ice or straight from the freezer. A simple slice of cucumber can add a magical twist.

How is this made?

Our house Scottish White Rum is made at Ninefold distillery by Kit Carruthers, whom Frances and I met for the first time in early September 2019. The new copper pot stills had started producing rum in Kit's family farm steading in July 2019. The farm is part of the Dormont Estate, which has been in the Carruthers family for over 450 years and the steading where the stills are now standing was once a dairy. The distillery is close to Lockerbie in a beautifully rural part of Dumfriesshire and close to our home and Head Office at Glenlair. It was only natural therefore that we might be a little excited by Kit's efforts to turn his disused dairy into a distillery!

Kit was a Environmental Scientist prior to becoming a distiller, as a result his production utilises much of his academic brain in its chemistry and some good eco credentials, such as electricity part sourced from solar energy and the recycling of the post production liquid waste in a local anaerobic digester, just down the road. We felt this was in tune with our own ethos of sourcing from clean, fair and sustainable producers. 

Anything else I should know?

All spirits called "Rum" must be made from sugar cane, so sugar cane molasses are currently imported from North Africa for this rum. However, all other ingredient elements such as yeasts are sourced locally including local water. Importantly it would not be possible to make a spirit from British grown sugar beet molasses for example and call it "rum". This is therefore as close as you call legally get to producing a 100% Scottish Rum, well done Kit!

Even more interesting things....

The term "Navy Strength" has been used by the British Royal Navy since the early 19th Century, from a time before the invention of the hydrometer, to describe the alcoholic strength of their rum. The Pusser on board a warship, who was in charge of issuing the daily rum tot to his sailors, would test the rum for strength. Using a small amount of gunpowder he would use a magnifying glass to set light to the rum. If it ignited with a bang it was "overproof" and therefore acceptable. As the actual strength could be anything from 54.5% abv upwards, about 57% abv is now regarded as about right. The Royal Navy certainly seems to still think the stronger the rum the better!

If you are fan of all things rum we recommend you also try our 3 Year Old Cask Aged Dark Rum 54%, our Spiced Rum Liqueur 20% and our Chocolate Rum Liqueur 29%. Each provides a distinctive and amazing twist on how a simple white rum spirit can be developed and used to create complex tastes.

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