The Badminton Beltie Cocktail

Sipping The Badminton Beltie Rum and Whisky Cocktail

The Badminton Beltie is a short, strong cocktail combining two excellent drinks, our Spiced Rum Liqueur 20% and our Raspberry Whisky Liqueur 18%.

The result of their union is a delicious explosion of taste in the mouth. The sour fruitiness of the Raspberry Whisky combines with the sweet smoothness of the Spiced Rum to create a "belter" of a drink, hence its name.

First discovered while at Badminton Horse Trials in 2023, it was a much needed warming drink to an otherwise unseasonably cold and wet event!



The Badminton Beltie is a reassuringly simple cocktail to make. Half fill a rocks or tumbler glass with crushed ice add measures of Spiced Rum Liqueur 20% and Raspberry Whisky Liqueur 18%. Muddle gently them garnish with a couple of slices of fresh lime.

Anything else I should know?

The drinks can for this cocktail can be bought together as The Badminton Beltie Cocktail Gift Set or separately by following the links to the products from the ingredients section.

A stacking whisky and rum cocktail gift set

As well as The Badminton Beltie being a "belter" of a drink, the term "Beltie" is actually the more affectionate name for our famous local breed of cattle here in South West Scotland, The Belted Galloway. These cattle are distinctive for having a white ring around their middle and often known for being a little grumpy!

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