Cocktail Recipes

Fruity Highlander
  Our Fruity Highlander Cocktail is a brilliant play on the classic Whisky Mac, the difference being it is very fruity! If you like your drinks fruity and with a twist of ginger spice, then this is possibly it. A...
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Demijohn Wibble
Make like an expert mixologist and create this concoction, which can be purchased as our Demijohn Wibble Gift Set. It’s a bitter sweet drink that’ll warm you and your guests up in a flash. As recommended by Rebecca Twomey in...
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Scottish Rose
The name Scottish Rose does not refer to the colour of the drink itself but rather the colour of one's cheeks after drinking it! This cocktail recipe was created for the Demijohn 2008 Staff Christmas night out by Alastair Simpson...
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