Our 10 Best Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas Gift Guide

Christmas presents – when it's suddenly abundantly apparent what I really hope someone might give me but wrack my brains for ideas for others! Having said that I'm almost always quite delighted to be given something that the giver clearly wanted themselves so here are some suggestions of some of my favourite Demijohn gift ideas to give to your nearest and dearest.

1. The Demijohn Drinks Chest

Who wouldn't want this beautifully hand made oak chest. A delightful piece of cabinetry partially inspired by a Georgian tea caddy but with a handsome robustness. With 8 different liqueurs and a choice of glasses all fitting into beautifully crafted spaces within the chest this couldn't be more delightful. And hopefully the fortunate recipient might appreciate how much you would like this too and at least share some of the delicious contents with you!

The Demijohn Drinks Chest

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2. The Huge Demijohn Hamper

This is just what it says – an amazing cornucopia of all things Demijohn. If Father Christmas wore a Demijohn apron this is what you'd hope he'd bring you. A wide range of all sizes of bottles filled with Demijohnnie Gin, Morello Cherry Brandy, Somerset Cider Spirit, Bramble Scotch Whisky, Gooseberry Gin, Oils, Vinegars, jams and Chutneys. I could go all Ratty listing the contents of a riverside picnic with this one but just go ahead and give one. Your giftee will be more grateful than the Mole himself.

The Huge Demijohn Hamper

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3. Chocolate Rum Jeroboam

What a treat this immense three 3 litre Salmo bottle contains! Our spectacular Chocolate Rum Liqueur 29.5%. Less sweet than many of our liqueurs this is one for the Rum enthusiast and the Dark Chocolate Lover. Cacao has been infused in Golden Caribbean Rum to make this wonderfully deep flavoured creation. Ideal equally as an aperitif over ice or a digestif after a Christmas feast we have also conjured up a few cocktail recipes using this wonderful drink. And remember we encourage owners of a Demijohn bottle to return to us for a refill so even once it has been drained dry your recipient has a fantastic decanter like bottle to refill again and again.

Chocolate Rum Jeroboam

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4. The Oil and Vinegar Tower with Oak Gift Box

A beatiful European Oak box made by our talented Cumbrian cabinet makers contains 3 clever stacking Impilabile 250ml bottles filled with our fresh Villa Montalbano Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Tuscany, our tart Gooseberry Vinegar from Edinburgh and our fruity Damson Vinegar from Shropshire. Our Oil and Vinegar Tower is the must have set for all salad eating food lovers. Your Oil and Vinegar Tower and its Oak gift box can be personalised to create an even more unique gift. You can alter the contents of the bottles in your Impilabile 250ml Bottle Presentation Box, add a handwritten message for free on the bottles, and for an additional fee add an engraving of your choice to the surface of the presentation box.

The Oil and Vinegar Tower with Oak Gift Box

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5. Gift for a Serious Foodie

Contained in 2 handsome 100ml Mystic stacking bottles filled is our wonderful 25 year old Balsamic Vinegar from Modena and our fresh Tuscan single estate Villa Montalbano Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Made by the Tagliavini family at their Acetaia at Ponterotto, Soliera, just North of Modena this carefully matured Traditional Balsamic Vinegar can be used in a multitude of ways, on undercut beef, on Parmesan Cheese or over strawberries or ice cream. Its taste will never disappoint. Our Villa Montalbano Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a concentrated, fresh single estate extra virgin olive oil from the North Chianti region of Tuscany, near Pistoia. It has an aroma of fresh olives and a little pepper to give it excitement. It is excellent for dressing stronger flavoured foods such as green leaf salads of rocket or watercress or cured meats with our 25 year old Balsamic Vinegar.

A Gift for a Serious Foodie

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6. Gooseberry Gin Gift Box

Fitting exactly into it's handmade Oak Presentation box is a handsome cubelike Mystic 500 Bottle containing our unique Gooseberry Gin Liqueur 17%. Our Gooseberry Gin Liqueur is tart, yet sweet, perfect for the gin lover looking for the unusual. This is equally delicious neat, over ice, long as a G&T with tonic and a big squeeze of lemon, or in a number of cocktails found on the recipes page of our website. Our Gooseberry Gin Liqueur is hand made for us East Lothian using British Careless gooseberries and a Scottish spirit gin. The Oak wood Mystic 500 Presentation Box has been hand crafted by our cabinet makers in Cumbria to our own design.

The Gooseberry Gin Gift Box

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7. Mini Winter Selection

A delightful handmade poplar Tantalus contains 3 100ml Chiara bottles each filled with Brammle Scotch Whisky Liqueur 23%, Raspberry Vodka Liqueur 22% and Sloe Gin 25%. Each hand made British liqueur has its own unique rich and fruity quality. The result is a drink selection that is almost impossible to resist! Our Winter Liqueur Selection is perfect as a dinner party decanter set. A magical present for a grown up foodie or a wine connoisseur at any time of the year it doesn't really need to be reserved for Christmas!

The Mini Winter Liqueur Selection

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8. More than Gin Baubles

Gin is Everywhere! And at Demijohn we like the variety of some of our alternatives. So here is a set of 6 charming miniature 40ml Apotheker bottles each containing one of our favourite tipples: Limoncello Liqueur 32%, Toffee Whisky Liqueur 20%, Morello Cherry Brandy Liqueur 17%, Raspberry Vodka Liqueur 22%, Seville Orange Gin 26%, and Spiced Rum Liqueur 20%. Each bottle comes with it's own raffia loop so that these tiny delights can be used as baubles on a Christmas tree, to decorate a wreath, mantelpiece, Santa's Claus's beard - or anywhere else that needs a little seasonal lift. Contents can be varied by request, prices may vary if contents are altered.

Christmas Gin Baubles

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9. A Nocturne of Coffee and Chocolate Cream Liqueur

A classic Demijohn bottle of 350ml of amazingly velvety Chocolate and Coffee Cream Liqueur using dark chocolate, a twist of coffee, real Devonshire Cream and Julian Temperley's first class Somerset Cider Brandy. This indulgent treat has proved so popular it has been gushing out of the demijohn since it's first arrival. If you have tried our Butterscotch Cream Liqueur, Chocolate Orange Cream Liqueur or sip the odd Baileys then this will be definitely be one for you. It is delicious drunk over ice or alternatively add to your grown up desserts, such as ice cream or cake, to liven them up a little!

A Nocturne of Coffee and Chocolate Cream Liqueur

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10. Hipflask of Traditional British Sloe Gin

The perfect stocking filler. If you have a person in mind who like their cheese and port, then this fun hipflask of Sloe Gin would be a fabulous gift to give. This drink is made with much hard work and love. In mid to late October 2018 we headed to the hedgerows of South West Scotland to help pick the elusive sloe berries that make this very special drink. After steeping in London Gin for 10 to 12 months, the result is a deliciously rich and fruity drink which is similar Port. In our family we often start our Christmas day festivities with a dash of our Traditional Sloe Gin in a glass as Champagne to make a Kir or Sloegasm Cocktail. Christmas Day soon takes a leap for the better!

A Hipflask of Sloe Gin

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Whatever your tastes or your budget there is so much to choose from at Demijohn that I hope this is given food for thought. Now all you need is some delicious Demijohn wares to sustain body and spirit over the holiday season!

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