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Tayberry Vinegar Arrives
The Tayberry is the jovial uncle of the Raspberry where the Loganberry is its sour maiden aunt. Gender stereotypes apart the happy union of the raspberry and bramble that is found in the Tayberry lends itself to the newest addition...
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The Demijohn News - Blossoms Up!
Blossoms Up! Inspecting the hedgerows last week was an absolute pleasure. Warm temperatures, many critters tweeting and twerping and a wonderful display of blossom on the Blackthorn. We are hoping for a good fruit year with lots of Sloe in...
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New Cretan Olive Oil Launched at Demijohn
With summer sunshine finally shining and our tastebuds yearning for salads Demijohn have launched a brand new Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Crete, called Sitia Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Sitia Extra Virgin Olive Oil is light, with an aromatic, fresh...
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