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Vinegar Launches at Demijohn
25 year old ‘Extra Vecchio’ Traditional Balsamic Vinegar has just arrived at Demijohn. Its exquisite depth of flavour and perfect balance of taste make it a highly sought after, incredibly special product. Why so special? For anyone who enjoys fine...
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Drinks Chest at the Scottish Game Fair
Picnics or shooting parties this summer simply wouldn’t be complete without the 2019 Demijohn Drinks Chest, made bespoke for each customer. Handmade in Cumbria, from oak with strong leather handles, it contains eight bottles of top quality hand-made small batch...
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Corks popping for new Demijohn Pop Up
Clearly bucking the trend for retail start-ups is Scottish liquid deli Demijohn who this week opened a new pop-up in Glasgow’s main shopping centre, Buchanan Galleries. Such is the demand for their artisan liqueurs, spirits, whiskies, oils and vinegars, especially...
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