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Liquid Deli Opens in Oxford
Gooseberry Gin, Raspberry Vodka and Elderflower Vinegar are a few of the delicious, quirky liquids just arrived at a brand new liquid deli at 20 Little Clarendon Street in Oxford. Demijohn has expanded from its northern base to tempt the...
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The Big Feastival
Anyone who is familiar with the more alcoholic side of Demijohn's beautiful produce (which is affectionately known as "The Alcoholic Sweet Shop of Joy!") will know how well it all goes down as an after dinner tipple, with desert, in...
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The Demijohn News - Fortunate Fathers
Fathers are rather fortunate that Demijohn exists in my Fatherly opinion, as the choice for Father's Day presents got somewhat better from about July 2004 onwards when we opened..... If you are faced with the annual challenge of buying a...
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